A surveyors job is to ensure that a vessel is fit for its intended use and is structurally sound. Whether you are thinking of buying a boat and want a pre-purchase survey or require one for your insurance, at P&S Marine we offer hull surveying services including valuations and new build consultation services.

Canal boats are made from steel plate which due to corrosion because of lack of protective coatings (particularly on their baseplates) will thin over time and eventually require partial or full overplating if the life of the boat is to be extended. Inspection of the hull in great detail is very important during a survey, and accessing the inside of the hull wherever possible to see the condition of both sides of steel is good practice. It is important for owners or buyers of canal boats to know the thickness of the hull plating and therefore all our surveys include ultrasonic thickness testing of the shell plating and a separate detailed ultrasonic thickness test report is included with the survey report. A Tritex Multigauge 5650 Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is used to determine the thickness of the plating, this is a multiple echo instrument that can read through protective coatings (no damage) and corrosion. All surveys are provided in bound hard copy and also emailed in digital from for onward transmission to insurers, other boatyards etc.

We specialise in leisure craft and commercial vessels up to 72 foot (21.95m) in length and 12ft (3.66m) in beam, and our 70 tonne NCK Eiger crawler crane enables vessels to be placed at a good working height with easy access to the baseplate. Surveying does not have to be a time of worry and our friendly approach to this field of work with expert advice and solutions to problems that may arise will leave you at ease, knowing that your vessel is in good hands.

It is important that any practicing surveyor should keep up to date with changes and industry developments, and as a result we attend industry seminars and are required to achieve a minimum level of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). It is important that we deliver a non bias service and under the code of conduct of the International Institute of Marine Surveyors (IIMS), of which we are an affiliate member. We also allow other practising professional surveyors to use our unique surveying area.

Hull Only Surveys

This type of survey covers the most important parts of a vessel in terms of sea worthiness; hull, propulsion and steering, through hull fittings etc. This is aimed at the boat owner who wants to know the condition of their hull and whether remedial work is likely to be required when the boat is out of the water. It can also used in pre-purchase situations when a prospective buyer requires the condition of the hull to be determined before buying a vessel.

Some insurers may accept a hull survey for insurance purposes however it is important that a boat owner confirms this with their insurer before commissioning this type of survey for this purpose.

Hull reports are compiled under the following main headings:

  • Hull External
  • Hull Penetrations & Fittings
  • Rudder & Steering
  • Propeller & Stern Gear
  • Metal Thickness Test

Hull Survey Front Cover


Generally provided to satisfy requests from insurance companies, finance houses, solicitors and such like, to give an opinion of vessel value. It may also be provided for potential buyers as an independent assessment of the agreed selling price. A valuation consists of only a cursory inspection and may be conducted with the vessel in the water.

Recreational Craft Directive

We can provide advise concerning adherence to the RCD 2 concerning the construction and fitting out of newly built vessels. Please contact us for more information.

Survey Prices

Narrow Beam (up to 7ft)

Hull Survey

£420inc. VAT


£160inc. VAT

Wide Beam (over 7ft)

Hull Survey

£570inc. VAT


£160inc. VAT

Prices do not include cranage costs