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Any form of steel fabrication that you might require can be undertaken, large or small – please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss steelwork and to get an estimate. A few examples of steelwork jobs undertaken include:

  • Work done on rudders, stern tubes, skegs, weed hatches etc.

  • Cutting off and replacing worn out anodes and fitting new ones – see the anodes page.

  • Doublers around sink outlets and other areas prone to corrosion.

  • “Letting bits in” – removing bad sections of steel by cutting them out and replacing them with new bits of steel the same shape and size.

  • Patches (or bits let in) to cover up redundant outlets of any other holes in the hull which effect its integrity.

  • Fit new steel onto existing chime angle (edges of the baseplate which protrude to protect the weld connecting the base and side plates) which has become worn.

  • Keeling cooling tanks (skin tanks).

  • Any steelwork recommended or required by survey reports.

Hull Over-Plating

Older narrow boats may require their hulls to be to over plated for a variety of reasons. Whether it has been requested by an insurance company after a survey or only needed on certain areas of the hull where the original material has become thin. At P&S we offer a full professional overplating service including base/counter plates and side plates as well as any other work required below or above the water line. Our work is assured so that no pin holes in the welding results in water getting between the plates.